Welcome To Crux House

We work in partnership with company owners, private equity houses, venture capital fund managers and portfolio investors to enable business transformation. Simple really, we work with you to increase business value, productivity and profits. At Crux House we provide interim management support and expertise to successfully transition a company through growth plans to successful exit.

There are numerous barriers to business growth and to reach the “crux of the matter” pragmatic business decisions and decisive action must be taken. We’ve found in most cases the benefits of responsible and well managed change to be significant and lasting. We provide executive interim management, consultancy and project support to execute growth plans with urgency and commitment.

“Successful companies exist because they change, innovate and adapt. Change is never easy but we can certainly work with you to help smooth the process to create significant growth”

We recognise the short-term financial goals and step change needs of company owners, working capital investors and private equity partners who value and depend on our services. Our focus is to actively participate with your growth preferences and priorities in mind. For example, strategies to nurture expansion, new product development, restructuring, consolidation, scalability or ownership.

“Change is something that continually happens…effective change depends on planning, control, measurement and action… we believe in shaping change; not letting change shape you”

“We’ve found that companies are keen to make change but lack critical support, momentum and objectivity. We’ll work with you to define the best solution and then we’ll make it happen”

“Our unique focus throughout the change process allows us to deliver significant value”

We provide executive interim management, consultancy and project support. Contact us to see how we can help with your plans. Call us on 0844 334 5186 or complete our contact form.

We’ve worked with..

Names represent companies the Crux House CEO & Founder worked for as a employee (including firms providing private equity backing) or indirectly on a, interim, project, partner, service provider or contractor basis. If you don’t wish a name to be used contact Crux House. It will be removed immediately