We assist high-growth technology companies, leading private equity houses and venture capital fund managers by providing interim management, consultancy, project support and Non Executive Director support. Our primary focus is delivering growth plans and step-change initiatives. Crux House are highly qualified with a personal and straightforward approach to creating business value and improving operational performance.

We will never make bold claims (unlike others) to assist with every business issue. Instead, we concentrate on areas that in practice have proven to deliver business growth, positive strategic change, innovation and increased customer advocacy.

Our goal is to work in partnership with your senior management team and investors to manage and lead the change required to accelerate business value and worth. Our ultimate goal is to positively influence all equity performance indicators to increase total business worth prior to exit.

We can work with you and your teams in a number of flexible ways that best address your immediate and long-term requirements with a true sense of urgency. We provide executive interim management, consultancy and project support in order to accomplish this.

“Your business challenges are unique so we tailor services accordingly to reflect the scale, type and level of support you require.”