Interim Management

Often the need for a strategic re-think or organisational change is prompted by the departure of a key member of staff, change in business ownership, consolidation or expansion. Such situations will have short-term growth and operational challenges that need focus. Interim managers successfully improve business performance, generate larger profits and deliver enormous cost savings; generating a return on investment that far outweighs their fee. Investors frequently benefit from Interim management; they work as change agents and bring with them a sense of urgency frequently lacking within an incumbent leadership team.

Crux House provides experienced executive interim manages. During engagements we’ll endeavour to ensure strategic objectives are met whilst providing a smooth handover.

How can we help?

  • You require a heavyweight senior manager as a stop-gap or lack internal management resource to address an immediate skills gap
  • You are making significant change and require someone to make difficult decisions, find quick wins, build stakeholder relations and tell you what you need to hear
  • You have an immediate need to temporarily backfill a senior level role that requires someone with leadership, expertise and “results-driven” attitude to steady the ship
  • You have a key project that must be delivered and do not have the internal bandwidth or resource to make this happen without impacting “business as usual.”