Product Marketing

Marketing is possibly the most important activity a business can partake in when looking to grow or diversify. It directly affects the amount of recognition and sales a company generates and determines profitability.

The pressure to deliver the right product at the right price, in the right time has never been greater and must not be left to chance. Companies that truly thrive engage with customers at every opportunity and consistently employ high ROI product marketing techniques. This said, product marketing is often the one area significantly undervalued within a business, as such, marketing spend, activity and ROI are not effectively measured or controlled.

How can we help?

  • You are significantly underperforming against the competition with regards to product or service market awareness and brand recognition
  • You do not have a clear product marketing plan attuned to the company strategy. ROI levels for marketing activities are difficult to measure and lower than market averages
  • You have marketing activities that do not fully support your product portfolio. As such lead generation levels and product category sales are underperforming
  • You have an incumbent marketing team that needs support and training to sharpen their skills. Best practice tools need to be introduced